We’ve talked a lot about Yeti coolers in the past, but we don’t mention another great brand out there very often: Engel. Engel is a high performance cooler brand that targets fisherman and hunters as their main focus. While their coolers are solid and very durable, some features can be lacking when compared to Yeti and the insulation of the smaller coolers isn’t as great as it could be. However, Engel coolers are significantly less expensive versus Yeti and also are lighter and smaller for their capacity.

Overview of Engel Coolers

Engel Coolers are designed to push the boundaries of what a high-performance cooler can do. Blending contemporary technology with rugged design, Engel coolers come with two inches of high-density polyurethane foam injected into every face of the cooler. 50 years in the business of quality cooler construction sets Engel apart from other manufacturers. For the serious outdoor-enthusiast, nothing compares to the Engel's Roto Molded High Performance Coolers.

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Engel Cooler Construction

All Engel models are built to the same high-quality specifications. Using Roto-molding technology, each cooler boasts a rugged, scuff-resistant shell injected with 2 full inches of dense polyurethane foam insulation. Non-marking, non-skid feet give the coolers superior traction, ensuring that the cooler will not slide even on rough waters. Marine-grade draw latches backed with stainless steel plates and an airtight silicone gasket seal ensure maximum cold retention make Engel coolers uniquely suited to keep your cold items cold, hot items hot, and dry items dry. Easy-to-grip handles are built in to each side of the cooler to provide a convenient grip for lifting. Additionally, rope handles are attached to each side for more carrying flexibility. Food grade plastic makes these coolers safe, stain-resistant, and easy to clean.

Engel Cooler Features

Engel Cooler Insulation

Constructed with the serious outdoorsman in mind, Engel coolers are capable of holding ice for a long time. Depending on the size, they can have better or worse insulation. When compared to Yeti, the smaller Engels tend to not perform as well.

Insulated using patent-pending foam injection technology, these coolers are built for extreme efficiency. Whether you want to enjoy a fresh meal after river rafting or drink an ice-cold beer after a long trek, Engel has you covered. Because of the tough, airtight design and superior grade insulation, Engel coolers can go where other coolers simply cannot. Say goodbye to soggy bread, melting ice, and lukewarm beverages, because Engel coolers will keep your foodstuffs fresh, cold, and ready when you need them. </p>

Different Sizes of Engel Coolers

Engel Coolers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, all built to the same high standards. Whether you are tailgating, day-hiking, or taking the ultimate hunting trip, Engel has the right cooler for your needs.

The Engel 13qt Cooler/Dry-Box is the smallest of the Cooler/Dry-Box series, and it is available in white, pink, tan, and grassland. The Cooler/Dry-Box series also comes in 19qts and 30qts.

The Engel 25 DeepBlue Cooler is the smallest of the high performance coolers, with a maximum length of 20.24”, a maximum width of 14.25”, a maximum height of 14”, and weighing only 18lbs, making it an ideal cooler for those seeking a compact storage solution.

For those wanting more space, the Engel DeepBlue series comes in several sizes. Ideal for a long trek, the largest member of the DeepBlue family is the Engel 320, which weighs in at 98lbs. The maximum length, width, and height for this model are 61 ¾ “ x 21 7/8” x 22 7/8”. The 25 model comes in white, tan, camo, and Hornady. The 320, 240, and 165 models are currently available in white only.


Rugged, leak-proof design makes Engel Coolers perfect for hunters, fishermen, river rafters, campers, 4-wheeler/quad enthusiasts, and any other serious outdoor adventurers. Insulated with high-grade, molded Polystyrene foam and sealed tight with a recessed, airtight EVA gasket, these coolers will keep food and drink cold and fresh. Doubling as a dry-box, Engel coolers can also protect cameras, cellphones, and other valuables from moisture and dust. Designed for maximum durability in all environments, including the open water, Engel coolers are built to withstand the elements. If standing up to Mother Nature isn’t enough, these coolers are also certified “Bear Resistant” by IGBC, which is stamped on the rear lid of each cooler. Simply put, you will not find a more reliable cooler.

Additional Features

Engel Coolers come with several exciting additional features designed to further enhance your outdoor experience.Fisherman can opt to purchase certain models with 4 built-in Rod Holders. The UC19 model, in particular, is sized to fit perfectly on a kayak or paddleboard, and it comes in two colors: white and tan.

The Engel BoomBox with JL Speakers puts an exciting spin on the traditional Engel 30qt Cooler/Dry-Box. This lightweight cooler is completely waterproof, dust-proof, and constructed to the same, proven, high-performance specifications as all Engel Coolers. This cooler, however, packs a punch! The BoomBox is fitted with top-of-the-line JL Audio MX650 speakers, designed for unparalleled outdoor performance. Whether you are on a boat or camping in the mountains, you can enjoy crystal clear sound suited to an open-air environment.

Engel Boombox Cooler

A 6.5" woofer produces powerful bass notes and a built-in 1" tweeter projects brilliant high-notes, giving you a perfect, balanced mix even with the volume cranked. Embedded on a custom panel within the cooler is a Fusion marine-grade MS-BT100 Bluetooth module and an MS-AM702 amp. Simply connect any A2DP Bluetooth-capable Apple, Android, or Windows device and control the BoomBox from up to 110ft away. Enjoy up to 8 hours of continuous playtime with the power from a 12V rechargeable 4000ah NiMH battery.

Every component of the Engel BoomBox is designed to withstand the great outdoors- including marine environments. Constructed to provide maximum efficiency, this cooler boasts 18qts of dry storage space within. This is the perfect cooler for the serious adventurer who wants to bring tunes along for the ride!

For those who want to customize and add functionality to their cooler, Engel makes several additional accessories to truly maximize the potential of cooler space and usability. Seat cushions, mounting brackets, divider trays, and cold packs are a few of the most popular add-ons, all built with the same high standards that define Engel products.

Engel vs Yeti: The Bottom Line

When it comes to choosing the right cooler for a serious outdoor enthusiast, the simple and affordable option is an Engel Cooler. Rugged, reliable, and built for optimal performance, Engel coolers blend cutting-edge technology with a hands-on understanding of the power of the elements and the needs of the serious adventurer.

When compared to Yeti, Engel coolers are a cheaper option with insulation that is not as good but a build quality that is fantastic for the money. If you want a Yeti but only want to spend 1/3 to 1/2 as much on one, Engel coolers are a great option.

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